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Overthrow Stereo.

Stereophonic sound is over 75 years old.

Immersive audio – 

360-degree sound that envelops the listener –
is the new frontier in sound making. 

Auriary is leading the way.

Inspired by the songbird aviary,

Auriary is a habitat for sound
that gives flight to audio experiences

that go beyond stereo.

We collect sounds as they occur in their natural settings,

rear them in our digital sound labs

and exhibit them in immersive listening environments. 

We are committed to helping listeners

and creative, enterprise, healthcare and cultural clients

improve their experiences through sound.

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The seeds of sounds are collected through field and studio work.

We use the latest in immersive digital recording technology

to capture natural and found sounds

in some of the world’s least obvious places.

We strive for uniqueness,

rarity and the esoteric.

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We bring collected sound back to the Auriary labs

where it is cataloged and developed.

We perform digital synthesis and sound shaping,

additional composition and algorithmic programming

to prepare for playback.

Research, the latest advances in sound therapy,

and controlled experiments of our own inform our work

to ensure these sounds evoke the desired experiences among listeners.

We also upmix and remix existing stereo mixes into immersive sound formats.

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Our sounds are reproduced through immersive sound environments
from binaural ear buds to multi-array surround speaker systems.

One example is our immersive sound lab,

where we compose, mix and master sound

for playback in a surround sound environment

to ensure what we hear

is what listeners will hear.

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Post production

Film and video sound editing

Sound creation


Artists and Producers

Upmixing up to 9.1.4


Enterprise Brand Experiences

Retail sound experiences

Digital/web sound experiences

Healthcare / Therapy

Patient outcomes through sound


Pre-event sound experiences

Museum sound art

Architectural applications

Hands on Control Board
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Founding Auriculturalist.

Blaise James

Auriary is founded by Blaise James,
a cross-disciplinary expert in sound and music,

computer programming, data science,  customer experience and marketing/communications.

Customer Experience Expert

Building intentional sound experiences 

into today's overwhelmingly visual customer experiences,

Blaise has worked for CX leaders like Satmetrix, Forrester and Gallup serving Fortune 1000 clients globally.

Sound Engineer

Mixing, mastering, upmixing, remixing,

studio and field sound recording


Performed on Broadway, with Betty Buckley,
Kenny Werner, Chet Atkins

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Poconos, PA and New York City

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